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One Movie … One Book

The library has been specially created to increase the children’s mental level and improve their knowledge. There are 2500 books on different subjects. Special programs have been implemented to encourage children to read and enjoy. Every child will read a book in the week and then he will be shown a movie with some moral on Sunday, but it is compulsory to read the book for those who want to watch the movie. This program has greatly improved the readability of the children. Some children also write poetry while many write daily diary.

Activity… Ringan (a circle)

This activity is conducted to enhance the confidence of the kids. It is also expected that kids should exchange their ideas. Here, all the children sit in the round rallies, there are group discussions, and every child stands in front of the group and talks for 2 minutes on the book he has read. Sometimes a subject is given. Everyone expresses their spontaneous opinion about it. This adds to the confidence of the children, their creativity increases and their sense of shame disappears.

Computer Knowledge

They are given computer knowledge to connect with the children to the modern world and To open new world doors for them. The lessons of Marathi typing, powerpoint, excel, etc. are being given to children on the computer. Also, children are sending e-mails, net surfing, and so on.

Art and Craft

To increase the concentration of the children, to make them tidy, they are taught to make silk thread greeting, collage greeting, rituals, to help them in having fun in handicraft education.

Lives Together, Eat Together

We love to find love, affection, and nurturing of our children. Ashok, Archana and all the children to eat in a single patch for no mischief in their mind. All Indians are my brothers, according to this verse, all of them are considered as a family, staying happily in Snehwan.

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

In the morning, Iyyangar Yoga is taught to increase the physical capacity of the children and to give them the best health, and to enable them to lead a good life. Also, every evening prayer, meditation, and Surya Namaskar are performed. . In prayer, everything is taken from Goddess to Mother’s poems. The seven year old boy carries 7 Surya Namaskar, while the boy of sixteen year sends 16.

Teaching of Social Responsibility

Special efforts have been made to inculcate the social commitment in life, to create a feeling of support for the needs of the community in the minds of the children, to enable them to become a responsible citizen of the society. Every child takes care of his buddies (friends) and helps them with their work. In Snehwan, children are trained to become knowledgeable, accountable and are made to learn many other skills as well. They learn the Importance of labour. Children create and sell clothes and take new clothes for girls from their own money. The social progress of the children is greatly increased through this program.

Character and Leadership

Every child should possess leadership qualities, management qualities, and know the values like truth, tolerance and brotherhood. For this, the departments in the house distribute among the children. One has the entire responsibility of the library department while the other manages the computer department. Many such departments like water department, food department, educational literature department, cleanliness department, are responsibly managed by kids. They are nurturing their home with love.

Discipline, Self Respect and Self Reliance

Special efforts have been made to make every child self-reliant. Every effort is made by everyone to do all the work themselves. No guest is allowed to gift them any food or other articles directly. This is to honor their self respect. It is also seen that their routine isn’t disturbed by surprise guest visits. They all are living a self reliant life here.

Lessons of Music

We teach music to the kids. Many children are fond of Bhavgeet, Abhanga, Goulan, and present these on the stage. Children are taught table, harmonium. This has helped them as recreation in their lives.

Inspirational Visits

Children are invited to look for a great dream, but they have to work hard to fulfill it, and to teach that a common man can achieve great achievements by struggling, hard work can be done. We invite inspiring personalities to guide children.

Educational Tours

Educational and fun tours were organized for the children in every 3-4 months. Industrial visits are also organized to teach them about small business. Up to this day, the children have been visited by forts, different companies, small industries, colleges.


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